5 effective ways to integrate emails via social media.

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Integrating emails into your online social media marketing activities can improve your performance across all platforms. Here are a few handy tips to make your emails reach bigger audiences and generate clicks to your business page.

  1. Grow your database

Growing your database can be done by asking your customers for their email address either in store, online or in person. Providing them with incentives to join such as offering discounts or exclusive content is enticing to customers.

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  1. Plan Emails

Planning ahead and scheduling emails will help to generate a better focus. Including latest offers and promotions can attract customers to your site or store based on something they had seen via your promotional email.

  1. Integrate with other platforms such as Facebook or twitter

Running promotions on other platforms to gain more subscriptions in your email database is effective. Encouraging those receiving emails to click onto those other platforms and promote any competitions through email will generate a better engagement and help reach new subscribers.


  1. Create a template

Most people only briefly look at emails so it is important to make a template for your emails to keep them uniform and eye-catching to encourage them to look at your emails longer.

  1. Research your competition

Researching your competition is an effective way to see what they are promoting via email. By signing up to their email you are able to effectively watch what they are and aren’t doing and potentially better it.

It’s time to start using email marketing to power social media and social media to power email marketing.

What do you think? Have you come across examples of companies effectively integrating the these channels? Have you found success? Do you have other tactics to add to the list? If so, please share in the comments box below!


5 thoughts on “5 effective ways to integrate emails via social media.

  1. I own my own franchise fashion store and have utilized emails to inform customers of latest trends, stock and discount offers exclusive to email subscribers.
    To entice customers I have a list on the front counter at the check out and whoever signs up has the opportunity to get 10% off their next visit which entices a lot of people, therefore I’m getting repeat customers (everyone likes a saving). We are users of Pinterest and Facebook, I can’t believe I didn’t have a link from our e newsletter to pinterest.. We only have Facebook. Again thank you so much for some awesome tips! Very helpful

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  2. Having a signup form on your checkout is a great way of not forcing customers to sign up (I hate nothing more than when they ask for my email and i don’t want to sign up) I personally only sign up for stores that i visit regularly so my email isn’t filled with millions of store emails. Glad these tips have helped make your businesses marketing platforms better!

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