How to #hashtag

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Hash-tagging is used throughout social media applications to help communicate and link messages with specific themes or content to target audiences.

 Here’s a few tips to help you #hashtag effectively!

1: DON’T OVERUSE – use a maximum of two hashtags in your Tweets or Facebook posts. If you use too many your followers will think you are spamming them.

2: KEEP THEM SHORT — tweets are restricted to 140 characters you don’t want a hashtag taking up 50% of the letters in your tweet, there is however no limit to facebook post length but keep them short to avoid annoying your fans/friends.

3: DEFINE YOUR TAG – Give your tag a meaning you can also search for the meaning of existing tags.

4: NO SPACES OR PUNCTUTION – make sure there are no spaces in the words preceding the hashtag or punctuation, as it will break the link.

I hope this simple blog post has helped any new hashtaggers understand there use! If you have any queries or questions feel free to comment below!

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