How social media will get you fired

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A generation that lives its life on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is learning life the hard way, as managers grow savvier and Facebook privacy settings grow meaningless the number of people loosing their jobs due to social media is increasing.

A recent article indicated that 93% of recruiters check out social media profiles of prospective candidates. (Those figures may make you think twice about posting those drunk/ half naked selfies). Social media is now so woven into the fabric of young people’s lives that they forget not everything is suitable to put out there.

Just remember your boss, work colleagues, and hiring managers can see your most polarising tweets, even if they aren’t following you. And even if your public Facebook profile is set to private, anyone can see images you’re tagged in by using graph search.


If you’re not at least a little worried yet, here are 8 mistakes, that could cost you your next job. Read up and learn not what to do!

1- Drinking in a photo—even if you’re over 18. Teachers all over the world have been asked to resign because of Facebook photos that show school teachers holding/ drinking wine or beer. Teachers are suppose to be role models. Don’t take photos of you and your cocktails please!

2. Complaining about your job- There have been huge numbers of people let go due to Facebook posts. Don’t name and shame your workplace people, it will more than likely get back to them in one way or another.

3. Posting while you’re supposed to be working- Just remember that Facebook and Twitter record the time of your post! It is so easy for managers to log onto Facebook and see when your posting. Be careful.

 4. Making fun of your boss / team- Again just remember that once you post something and you delete it, it never actually goes away completely. You never ever know when something may surface so don’t go writing anything mean about your boss. You never know who’s screen shotted it!


5. Making fun of clients- PLEASE do not name and shame people via a photo or by something they have written. More than likely someone will recognise their name or photo. It looks terrible for business and crosses the boundaries completely.

6. Talking smack about a job before you’ve even accepted it- I hear of this almost daily in the news. Based on the fact that 93% of recruiters will social media search you, why would you go writing smack about them? limiting your chances? yes i think so!

7. Blowing your own cover- Yes its fine to take a sicky if your sick but don’t blow your own cover if your not really sick and out and about. Uploading photos of you and your mates at that awesome festival drinking beers might just blow your cover. Be careful what you post, you never know who’s looking.

8. Sexual over sharing- The last thing recruiters want to see is you half naked in selfies. Seriously i don’t understand why people do it, but hey if you want a half decent job DONT do it! We don’t need to see it and its really not good for business!

Do you know anyone who’s been fired or warned over a social media spray?


3 thoughts on “How social media will get you fired

      1. Oh. On blast = “Look at me!/Hear me!”

        It also means “Nothing on the internet is private”

        To put someone on blast = share his/her unflattering info

        I feel if a person puts themselves on blast, they need to accept the results, whatever those are.

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