Should a business censor comments they receive?

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Last week in my social media marketing tutorial we discussed whether in fact a business should censor or delete negative comments they receive? Surprisingly, the general consensus in class was that companies shouldn’t.

Heres Why:

Why Businesses shouldn’t censor:

  • Engages with your audience and consumers.
  • You obtain real and actual feedback,which helps with improvement.
  • Creates an authentic feel to the page.
  • Allows for recovery and increased customer service opportunities.
  • The complaint is within your domain. This is better than it being circulated over the web for everyone to see.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.58.21 am

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.58.42 am

Why businesses do censor:

  • Removes aggression from your page.
  • Removes unnecessary and irrelevant banter from your business page
  • Ensures only sensible content is posted.
  • Legal Protection.
  • Minimises the risk of anyone getting offended.

By not censoring comments a business is able to directly engage with the customer by providing a reason the issue. They are able to directly take corrective action via replying rather than deleting which can generate more backlash and argument. By being responsive and rectifying the issue it generates better business.

Do you think businesses should censor the comments they receive? 


4 thoughts on “Should a business censor comments they receive?

  1. I don’t think they should. I’ve always found the most effective way to have a problem with customer service sorted is to contact the company via their Facebook page. The public post means an employee who mans that platform will reply to you promptly and work to rectify the issue more effectively than in a one on one scenario as others can see, share and form their own opinion. It can be damaging if it’s not handled right by the company.

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  2. I agree Bec!
    Social media is a platform that is easily accessible and therefore should be monitored and controlled.
    Rectifying an issue is better than ignoring and deleting, it will only tarnish your image more. We have seen the powers of social media, complaints can reach a long distance, especially when shared and liked!


  3. I’ve recently taken to Facebook because of this post to see if a company I had bad service with would do something about it. They didn’t delete the comment they actively resolved the issue and sent me a discount voucher. An effective way to ensure customer retention!


  4. I recently did the same Tia. Before taking this topic i would never have done so, but to prove this blog i did and i ended up receiving a 50% off voucher as an apology. A good way to re attract those customers for sure!


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