Facebook Fundraising

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Today when I logged onto Facebook, at the top of my newsfeed I noticed a post which highlighted that I as a user could donate through Facebook to support the earthquake devastation in Nepal.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.01.04 pm

After further investigation I have found that Facebook will donate 100% of donations made through its fund-raising feature as well as matching what is makes up to 2 million dollars. The social networking site also said it will donate its matching funds to a number of local relief organisations.

Facebook is also capitalising on its worldwide reach to help users notify one another of their whereabouts in the affected region. Inspired by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the Safety Check app identifies users based on their location and alerts them if they are in an affected area. Users can then notify their Facebook friends if they are in a secure location.

So far Facebook has received $517,440 from donations made via Facebook.

I personally think that Facebook is utilising social media in such a powerful way by educating users of the devastation caused. This company has the influence and reach to connect with such a large audience and has successfully been able to raise money through a way that is easy for people. Even better, Facebook is matching what is made, which shows dedication, commitment and stems away from business orientation, giving back to the community.

To help dontate to this much needed cause, head to Facebook to find out more information.


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