How often do YOU look at your phone?

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A few weeks ago i posted this blog (see link below) that discussed the increase use of smartphones and social media.

This morning I read an article by the Australian Daily Mail which stated that in an average week, research discovered that users pick up their phone more than 1,500 times to complete various tasks from emails to playing games and posting to social media. The average smartphone user is on their phone for three hours and sixteen minutes a day, amounting to almost one full day a week using their phone. Many owners also found themselves using their phone without realising they were doing so, with two thirds saying they have managed to log in and browse Facebook without thinking.

When i read those statistics I was blown away at the figures. A whole day in my week used up on social media? Crazy! In a effort to try and reduce this, I tried my hardest not to play/touch/search or use my smartphone. I had done pretty well by 1pm and in my social media marketing tutorial I had put my phone away and was actually able to concentrate on doing my work. It got close to the end of class and while the tutor was trying to find something and gave us a minute between questions, almost everyone in the class had either picked up their smartphones, laptops or iPads and began using them. I myself sat there alone, watching everyone filter through their news feeds, emails and games.

Usually I wouldn’t observe this, nor be aware of it, mainly because I would also usually have my face buried down into my phone or iPad too! I couldn’t not take a photo for evidence, so I immediately whipped out my phone for a photo for this blog and joined in (NO willpower i know).

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.12.12 pm

To further read the article by the Australian Daily Mail, check out the link below:

Next time you pick up your smart phone or tablet to search the web, check Facebook or post a selfie on Instagram, have a think how many times a day your actually doing it and how many of those times your aware your doing it. Pretty scary statistics if you ask me.


2 thoughts on “How often do YOU look at your phone?

  1. That’s crazy! Now that I actually THINK about it, I definitely reach for my phone more than I had realised. The need for social media applications and other websites etc that can be transferred from computers to portable devices is definitely increasing.There are still so many businesses and brands that haven’t been effectively able to transition in to mobile devices, they will really need to pick up their game in rder to stay useful to consumers.

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  2. They defiantly will. The transition into mobile devices has become such a normal thing. I wonder what we will be using in 10 years to access social media or better yet some new trend.


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