Bruce Jenners Interview – trending

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Recently a lot of my blog posts have revolved around the Kardashian family and their uses of social media, this blog today will again draw the famous family into the spot light but for different reasons.

Yesterday the long awaited Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner aired in the US laying rumours to rest that in fact Bruce Jenner is transitioning into becoming a woman. After reading months and months of speculation in gossip magazines I wasn’t entirely sure if these rumours where true, however Bruce Jenner has confirmed they are. This blog isn’t dedicated to the interview, one for which I haven’t seen, its more so to do with the social media community and the meltdown that occurred online whilst the interview was occurring.

Although the interview has not aired here in Australia yet until tonight, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of social media attraction and trending posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook was occurring in relation to the interview.  I began looking through the Facebook trending link to Bruce Jenner and found huge amounts of posts constantly updating as I scrolled through them. Hashtags circulating with  #BruceJennerInterview #BruceJennerABC have flooded the internet. Most comments posted on social media are positive and proud, however there of course has still been haters who have taken to social media.

IMG_0029 IMG_0030


Bruce’s famous stepdaughters also took to social media to show their support with Instagram posts stating Proud and Brave.

IMG_0034 IMG_0035

It is evident that the power of social media has been able to educate, inform and discuss such a topical subject. Although there are social media users who write nasty things, the promotion of the interview through social media has reached a large positive and accepting audience which has enabled education of transgenderism, ultimately showcasing that its okay to speak up, which can potentially help to minimise depression and suicides. Bruce’s interview highlights the true powers of social media and its powers to educate.


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