Makeup and YouTube Promotion Success

makeup, marketing, socialmedia

Recently, I’ve noticed many of my facebook friends liking and sharing makeup tutorials or posting links to makeup youtube channels that show case techniques and makeup products.

Not usually a big YouTube user, I began watching some of the videos shared and makeup tutorials posted, specifically lipstick colour swatches for brands I wanted to try. Upon watching these videos I couldn’t help but notice how many of these video bloggers plugged the brand they were using, mainly because they were sponsored by the company and had been given the products free to try and promote.

Under the video, highlights all the information needed to purchase the products. There is a direct link to colourpops website, and the names of the products reviewed to make it easy for purchasing. Not only is this youtuber promoting makeup, listed in the details also highlights where you can buy other makeup products, clothes she wearing as well as links to all her other means of social media including instagram, twitter and blog.

Colour pop

With the use of social media, videos and links a company is successfully able to promote a brand at ease to a direct target market by simply sponsoring a you tuber or by sending free samples. The powers of social media and reaching large audiences can be done nowadays at ease, while remaining relatively low cost.

I myself was sold on the video and purchased 6 lipsticks from this brand. I am usually not one to watch videos or subscribe, let alone buy online, but with the constant promotion and satisfaction from the user I decided to trust the blogger and purchase some to try myself.

A Successful marketing ploy used by colourpop via social media.


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