Technology is taking over our lives- Is it only going to get worse?

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When my alarm sounds in the morning, the first thing I do is reach for my phone and open up Facebook, Instagram and my email. Instead of waking up half an hour early to go to the gym or make a healthy breakfast, I wake up that half an hour early to scan my newsfeed gossip and like ‘selfies’ on instagram- surely I’m not the only one right????
In reality it is 2015 and with the modern technology advances constantly changing, the increases of social media and smart phones is only going to get worse.
Think back to 2005… doesn’t seem that long ago right??? A good 10 years ago there was no such thing as an iPhone. We all rocked a snazzy flip phone that had a pretty poor coloured screen and you had to buy ringtones and screen savers from the backs of magazines (remember those). Think of the mobile phone you owned then… It basically called and sent texts, Wifi wasn’t anything, internet was slow or didn’t work and Skype/ FaceTime was non existent.

Daily technological advances are changing the way we operate and communicate in modern society. At the click of a button nowadays we can FaceTime someone overseas with ease, we can share photos, download movies and connect with long lost friends within minutes if not seconds.
The advancement of social media has escalated quickly and in my opinion is only going to continue to upgrade and develop. We have been able to witness first hand what has been developed in such a short time, so the future of social media is looking promising. Imagine how early I’m going to have to wake up to check all my social media devices and apps in a few years. Maybe someone will develop it so i can do it in my sleep!

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