Selfie shoes?  The new way to take selfies…

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The selfie stick has become the phenomenon of 2014… For those of you who don’t know what a selfie is, its a photograph that one takes of oneself, with a smartphone that is then shared via social media. A selfie is claimed only to be acceptable if its only taken occasionally.

(watch below- Kendall and Kylie Jenner- teach, how to take a selfie).
Recently many countries and music festivals like Coachella have banned the use of selfie sticks. A selfie stick is a device used to enhance a selfie being taken (see picture). These bans are coming on the claims that selfie sticks are causing injuries, obstructing views, recording footage that shouldn’t be recorded and too some people, deemed rude and obnoxious.
Intially we thought selfie sticks were ridiculous but the trend of owning one caught on when people started to realise how much better their selfies looked and how much easier to was to take photos of yourself on holidays without having to ask the random tour guide at every attraction to take your photo.  Sadly however the trend of the stick is now under threat of being banned at busy tourist locations, some countries and at music festivals and concerts. With this is mind, there has been a new retake of the stick with a selfie shoe! yes you heard right a selfie shoe.
Mis Mooz, a popular shoe brand in New York, has released a new invention that will revolutionise the way women take selfies. Their unique Selfie Shoe will solve all the problems that women run into when they have to use hands or selfie sticks to take their selfies. These shoes have a smartphone dock in the lengthened toes that will allow women to use their legs as extended selfie sticks.
Personally I’m not sure how retail is going to go, but hey everyone said the same about selfie sticks. Some people just need to selfie and if there going to go to this extreme to do it, lets just let them do it.
What do you think of the new selfie shoes?

3 thoughts on “Selfie shoes?  The new way to take selfies…

  1. Hideous! I could not imagine the looks one would get whilst trying to rock a pair of these. Plus lifting your leg that high, a) not everyone can do it and b) imagine the view everyone else would get 😉


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