ONE DIRECTION- social media overload!

One Direction, socialmedia

Zayns Departure of famous band One Direction has left social media in a frenzy!

If you woke yesterday and wondered why every school girl on the planet had red puffy eyes from crying, or why your Facebook news feed was flooded with pictures of the boy band, the answer is Zayn Malik. For those of you who don’t know, Zayn is the fifth member of boy band One Direction.
Yesterday, Zayn released a statement via Facebook that he was quitting the band. Over 630,00 tweets were released between 8am-9am yesterday just about the boy band. Not even 24 hours on, twitter has been flooded with more than 4.5 million tweets in regards to Zayns departure.

With hastags like #alwaysinourheartszaynmalik and endless rows of crying emojis trending worldwide, twitter and Facebook went into melt down. (he’s not dead you guys)

Below are some tweets from broken fans.

Although the news is devastating to some, others lashed out on Facebook and twitter stating that their were other breaking stories that should be fulfilling media attention, such as the German plane that was deliberately crashed.
At the end of the day, no matter if you tweeted something sad, happy or angry, you still contributed to the social media meltdown of Zayn Malik.
The responses, retweets, shares and trending hashtags is a true indication of the powers of social media.

One thought on “ONE DIRECTION- social media overload!

  1. he betrayed the fandom…which might i add is the worlds largest fan base……he said he wanted to live a normal 22 year olds life…but he goes to a dying sack of potatoes named naughtyboy and releases a song on sound cloud….fuck noooo

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