Cricket World Cup WHAT????

Australia, Cricket, NZ, socialmedia, Worldcup
Written by an obvious non cricket fan

Ok so apparently my boyfriend reckons that I’ve been living under a rock for the last month, by not even realising the cricket world cup was on or was being held in Australia. Yeah I don’t watch much TV nor do I listen to what he has to say when i hear the word cricket but apparently I’m “way behind the times” when it comes to sport especially cricket!

To all you cricket fanatics out there I’m sorry if this blog offends you, but seriously if it wasn’t for social media and a lack of me not listening to a word that comes out of my boyfriends mouth, then i could have probably told you that the cricket world cup was on and this blog would be non existent…

Ok, so before I share my lack of cricket knowledge with you, let me tell you how my Sunday panned out…….

Sunday morning bright and early I get up and do what i usually do….
Flick on the Foxtel channel to V, listen to music and make breakfast. Followed by this I hit the Uni books to prep for Mondays classes. By this time my boyfriend was up and about getting ready for his day….. He mentions something about ‘hanging with the boys’ and by this time I’m so into learning about Needs assessments in practice for another topic I totally agree, yep, cool and say see you later… The day goes on, i go out for coffee with friends, do some shopping, the day flys by.
It gets to 8:00pm and 10 drunk grown men pile into my house, i think to myself, strange but yep standard on a saturday night…. They continue to the lounge and become not my problem…
A few screams and cheers  later on and I’m still not even thinking this is weird…

It gets to about 9pm on a sunday night and 10 very merry and happy boys start leaving, how can they honestly be happy knowing its monday tomorrow??
Totally oblivious to whats going on, I flick open my iPhone and log onto Facebook while deliriously watching keeping up with the kardashians (don’t judge). Flooded on my newsfeed is a whole heap of statuses saying: “aussie aussie aussie” or “you beauty” or “number 1” along with multiple images displaying gold and green.

It just occurred to me what the boys were doing…….

Seriously if it wasn’t for the promotion, pictures and happy statuses on Facebook, I still wouldn’t have even know the cricket world cup was occurring, let alone the grand-final which Australia had just won (even though my boyfriend and his mates where here watching it).


I reckon this is a great example of the powers of social media…
I don’t watch the news, read newspapers nor listen to what my boyfriend says (obviously) and I’ve managed to find out by simply logging on social media that Australia are now the best cricketers in the world (well according to Facebook anyway).



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