A Social Media Marketing experiment at Sturt Road Physiotherapy

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Recently I was given the role at my current workplace- Sturt Road Physiotherapy, to takeover all of the social media marketing practices implemented. I didn’t volunteer, I didn’t ask to do it, it was simply handed down to me because Im the youngest employee and upon my bosses assumption I knew what i was doing when it came to Facebook (luckily i did and luckily I’m taking Social Media Marketing as a topic at Uni).

I firstly started by logging in to the ONE social media platform they had in place… Facebook. The Facebook page, had minimal information, had an old clinic picture and only 174 likes. For a business with 6 physiotherapists and a large client list, I immediately thought that needed improving so i came up with two promotional ways that i thought would improve Facebook likes and used these 2 ways to see which promotion suited the business best. Surprisingly the promotion I thought would generate more likes and interaction wasn’t the one that has!

The first promotion which ran for 2 weeks was:   “LIKE US” on Facebook and Check-in whilst your at your appointment to receive a DISCOUNT of $5 off a Treatment or $3 off a Class.

The second promotion which is still currently running is: Like us on Facebook and guess the number of easter eggs in the jar for your chance to win them.
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.28.52 pm
Promotion 1: 
To my surprise my boss said “do whatever you like” even though it was going to be potenitally costly for them.  I ran promotion 1 for the last 2 weeks of February  placed signs around the clinic, had the other reception staff promote it as well as posting regular updates on Facebook via Hootesuite.
I assumed that everyone likes to save money, medical treatments can be costly, hence i thought that the likes and checkins would increase as it gave clients the chance to save money off their treatments.  After week one, there was only a total increase of 7 likes, 5 of those had checked in.  In the second week of the promotion, there was only a total increase of likes of 9, 8 of those had checked in, taking the total of likes to 202 and 13 checkins.
Promotion 2:
The second promotion which is still currently running for another week consisted of a easter egg guessing game. The rules were that anyone could guess as long as they liked the Facebook page and had 1 guess. The response to this was astonishing. Within one week there was a total of 22 likes, 5 shares and over 45 guesses. According to Facebook the post had reached over 1,115 people and there are constantly new guesses happening daily. At this current time there is 224 likes which is 50 more likes than Sturt Road Physio had a month ago.
After undertaking these 2 different promotional strategies i have been able to identify that Promotion 2 (which is winning something) seemed to be most effective and attractive to clients in this experiment. The overall goal of achieving Facebook likes has increased and viewer traffic is constantly increasing. Creating a hype and competition on social media has been an effective way to captivate audiences rather than just getting people to like it.
Social media in businesses is here to stay!
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